Role-play Automation: Find, Practice, Coach and Manage


1. FIND:  Jennifer Jepson, an UltraMobile Sales Rep, finds the 'How good is the average sales conversation" selling story so she can practice it and get it conversation ready

Find and Select v3


2. PRACTICE:  Jennifer watches the guide story to see what good looks like, then practices it 9 times and shares her best version with Paul, her sales manager

Practice and Share v3

3. COACH: Paul coaches Jennifer's story, gives her feedback, a four-star rating and approves the story so she knows she is done with the assignment

Coach Rate and Approve v3

4. MANAGE:  Keith, the SVP of Sales, checks which of his managers are coaching and spot checks sales rep stories - inculding Jennifer's - to see if the sales team is on message

Inspect and Spot Check v3