Success Services


OBJECTIVE: Integrate best practice story-telling into your everyday selling

   PHASE ONE: SharperAx kick-off
and implementation:

  • Goal planning and kickoff
  • Solution overview and setup
  • Identify right stories
  • Identify right storytellers
  • Discuss ‘chapter’ structure

   PHASE TWO: Product training
and strategy execution including:

  • Structuring stories with storytellers
  • Capturing best practice stories (guides)
  • Configuring right ‘chapters’
  • Distributing ‘guides’ to sellers
  • Training sellers on practicing guide stories
  • Training sellers on creating new stories

   PHASE THREE: Ongoing strategy
and goal achievement:

  • Conclude initial deployment and training
  • Available to coach story sessions
  • Establish regular goal review and planning cycle with your account manager
  • Ongoing product updates, best practices, and access to continuing education resources